International Transport:


We have no control over customs and are therefore not responsible for any possible delay.The tracking information will be provided to you immediately after it is provided to us.


Approximate time of delivery (excluding weekends/public holidays) :




A) Global Express


(The global freight for express is $8 /KG)


3 to 10 working days (available tracking systems vary)


B) Super express transportation (this mode of transportation will be added automatically when the order is full of 10KG)


(Express shipping is $60 worldwide)


3 to 10 working days (available tracking systems vary)




Late Delivery - In rare cases, the package may take longer than the specified expected time.Unfortunately, we have no control over the time of shipment and any unexpected delays that may occur en route, and we seek your understanding and patience if this should occur.In this case, if there is no tracking update for more than 30-60 business days, we will send a new package.


This is especially true during the busy holiday season at the end of the year (November-December), promotions, or in other cases.




Handling time and transportation time


Please note that the processing time (24 hours) is different from the shipping time and should be added to the total delivery time.


After processing your order, our shipping company will pick up your package for shipping.An email with your online tracking information will be available on our website.


Processing Time - In rare cases, it may take longer than the expected time specified.Processing times can be even longer during busy periods during holidays, sales, or other situations.We do our best to deliver as soon as possible and seek your understanding and patience on such matters.




Unclaimed orders


We are not responsible for any parcels that are returned to us as rejected, unclaimed, deliverable, or due to incorrect or inadequate addresses.




If you find that the address is incorrect or insufficient when you receive your confirmation email, please send an email to BILL@BESTART-TABLEWARE.COM as soon as possible in response to your order confirmation email with updated details.


Once we process an order, we will not be able to change the address, and we are not responsible for incorrect or inadequate addresses.






Customs/customs charges




Customs charges are for customer's account.Please check with your local customs authority for information on fees.Also, please note that in rare cases, customs agents may delay the delivery of certain parcels.






Individual package




In some cases, orders may be divided into different packages for any of the following reasons:


There may be delays for certain projects


A weight limit imposed by the post office on ordinary goods


- Different designer/warehouse locations (we work in multiple warehouses to provide you with the best choice at an affordable price)