About product Quality

We are a professional supplier. We know what we are doing.
We keep a very stable quality level for years.
Our qualified products rate is 99.86% and we are constantly improving it, thanks to
our professional production team and technical team.
We hope our clients can get what they paid for.

Quality is the true reason that we survive in the market for so many years.
We saw many of our competitors are making money by playing around the quality
and they lose the market faster than we think. We know that is not a sustainable
Business pattern.

We are a quality-oriented supplier. You may find our price is slightly higher than the others,
As a matter of fact, we will never be the cheapest in the market because of our quality.
It is quite OK for us to lose an order due to price matter, but we put 0 tolerance on
Quality control and inspection. We targeted ourselves into serving the quality-oriented type
of clients only.

About production standards

We produce as per international standard and norm, no matter ASTM or EN or JIS;
About the production line

We can guarantee quality because of our most advanced production line.

About the improvement
We take every claim as an opportunity to review all the sections which may affect our quality,
Such as production, design, packing, inspection, and shipping.
We are constantly working on better design, better production procedures,
and always try to pay attention to those details.

About the packing

We understand poor packing may create lots of unnecessary trouble, such as cargo damage, packing damage
By just investing a little bit more, we guarantee betterprotection to the cargo and better satisfaction to our clients.

About the test

We always put inspection on whatever products out of our factory. We know once those
Products with quality defects shipped to the destination, both of us are in great trouble.
We could solve the problem, find the defect, and exchange the items easily, with the minimum
cost if we inspect every outgoing shipment, so why not?
Once the products with quality defects are sent to customers, we need to spend 10 times
greater cost to solve the problem.

About the claim

In order not to lose the market share and our clients’ support,
we always compensate our client.
We do have a quality claim compensation policy and procedure, normally it is written in the
contract as well.
As long as the quality defect is caused by our mistakes, such as production or packing,
for sure we will not run away from our own responsibility.

We aim long term cooperation with you. We are not talking about only one time deal.
In fact, lots of our clients have been dealing with us for years,
thanks to our stable quality control and compensation policy.